11kV Remote Switching Project

Project Description

The key objective of this project was to reduce risk to High Voltage (HV) equipment operators by removing them from potential ‘Line of Fire’ safety risks that prevailed whilst operating the old 11kV (mostly oil filled) circuit breakers. The installation of remote switching panels allows the operator to switch this equipment from a safe distance.

FCEng Scope

Fields Contracting Engineers were engaged to review the remote Switchgear Operating Panels (SOP) previously installed on 11kV switchboards in substations 03#2, 31#1, 32#1, 35#1 and 37#1 following reports from site personnel that the remote switching was not functional on several HV panels.

Site requested the following:

  • Review the wiring and schematic drawings for each SOP and HV panel to identify why the remote switching circuits were not operational.
  • Mark-up the panel schematics and SOP drawings with the changes required to make each remote switching circuit operational. Where possible, (dependant of panel design) the circuit functionality was to be modified to align with the current site operational philosophy for HV remote switching.
  • Prepare a detailed Work Method Statement, and Commissioning Inspection Test Plan (ITP).
  • Liaise with site to organise windows within a planned plant shutdown in which changes could be implemented and circuits tested.

Project Summary

The project was successfully completed with no recordable incidents and no impact on production. A detailed review of circuit functionality and wiring was completed. Schematics and wiring drawings were updated and reviewed with company representative prior to a planned plant shutdown. A detailed work method statement and commissioning ITP was prepared for the project. All eight 11kV panels across five substations were upgraded and tested during a planned plant shutdown to ensure remote switching was operating correctly on each panel. A detailed report was presented to the company that outlined faults found, corrections made and testing completed.

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