#3 Air Pre-Heater Gas Train and Burner Control System Upgrade

Project Description

Complete upgrade/replacement of #3 Air Pre-heater gas train instrumentation and process control system and automation of the changeover between ambient burner air and turbine exhaust air.

FCEng Scope

  • Project Management from project initiation to handover to Operations. Schedule management was deemed critical to the project’s success as the upgrade work was completed and commissioned during a scheduled 10 day plant shutdown.
  • Project Engineering, design and drafting.
    • Development of a detailed functional specification by reverse engineering the existing Hima control system code to be used as the reference document for the Prosafe-RS control system programming and FAT testing.
    • Provide support and supervision to Yokogawa during the BMS hardware design, code development and validation testing.
    • Review and upgrade as required, the site control system network architecture to allow connection of the new Yokogawa Prosafe-RS control system.
    • Design of the complete Instrument & Electrical field installation including selection of equipment to meet SIL and AGA requirements. This included upgrading the burner gas train instrumentation from digital switches to analog transmitters to allow better control, visibility and fault finding capabilities of the system.
    • Automate the start-up and shutdown sequencing so that the burner can be controlled from a remote control room.
    • Upgrade the burner air changeover system so that the burner can be changed between ambient air and Gas Turbine exhaust air without the burner tripping.
  • Co-ordinate and participate in the project HAZOP and SIL assessment workshops.
  • Develop a detailed migration, commissioning and recertification of the new BMS work pack.
  • Coordinate and witness FAT testing.
  • Manage and provide technical support for site installation and SAT testing.
  • Management of project closeout documentation including all cost reports, test records, as built drawings, maintenance spares and maintenance schedules.

Project Summary

The project was identified as a top 10 priority job requiring completion during the August 2009 site plant shutdown. The project was completed as per the shutdown schedule, within the project budget, with nil injuries or incidents and no plant downtime. The BMS hardware and software was successfully installed, validated and approved as a compliant gas system by a statutory gas inspector.

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